Digital Marketing | A new found powerful marketing tool for 3PL, Intralogistics Solutions Providers and Equipment manufacturers after covid-19

Are you a 3PL company Or an intralogistics solution Or equipment (Racking, MHEs, Warehouse accessories etc.) manufacturer Or services provider (consultant, project management cos. etc.) ?

 Do you also think that Digital Marketing and advertising is not meant for your industry and has very limited role in increasing your list of prospective buyers ?

If you fall in above two categories its time to quickly change your perception about the tremendous digital marketing benefits, especially in after covid-19 time, for your company.

In above, by Digital Marketing we are referring to new age digital marketing tools such email marketing , social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media PPC and many more.

Covid-19 has indicated major changes in sales and marketing strategy and opportunity assessment methods for most of the industry segments and in continuation to that we will be soon witnessing spike in the usages of digital marketing by 3PL companies, Intralogistics companies involved in producing warehousing equipment like racking, dock accessories, MHEs, consultants and even certain warehouse utilities companies. While most of the companies in hard hit industry segments have lowered their marketing budgets, the 3PL and Intralogistics companies are expected to give good news to digital marketing companies by trying digital marketing seriously in their revised marketing strategy.

 1. Opportunity for 3PL and Intralogistics Businesses after Covid-19

 There are many indicators which points out to the fact that though there are companies which would be taking long time before it reaches its before covid-19 status, there are industry segments which have been accepted as essential services and goods company and did have very minimal disruptions in their businesses.

Segments like Food, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Healthcare, Personal Care FMCG, Home care FMCG, SAAS companies  are projected to continue to grow with higher growth rates. This will lead to increase in signing-off of more 3PL contracts and expansion or modernization of infrastructure in their factory warehouses creating opportunities for equipment manufacturers and consultants. Looking to the pool of sourcing options available in today’s marketplace, 3PL companies and warehousing equipment manufacturers with strong digital marketing  back up will get more visibility just because of digital marketing’s ability to reach out to their target customers more easily and effectively than offline efforts and hence such companies will have better chances to win the projects.

2. Need by Vendors to be more visible and promote expert services

Digital marketing which has been key marketing element of most of the industries and picked up pace for last few years but was not perceived to be very useful for 3PL Or intralogistics solutions providers and equipment manufacturers till recently. Its going to change now. Now a days with so many service providers competing, prospects quite often use search engines and rely on them to shortlist  their potential partners.

Vendor selection process in 3PL and intralogistics equipment suppliers for most of the customer currently include followings where many of which are now difficult to verify remotely in a social distancing norm-

  1. Site visits
  2. Interacting and taking feedback from the existing users
  3. Visit the offices to see the infrastructures
  4. To access capability to honour the SLAs
  5. Verifying scalability capabilities
  6. Customization capabilities

Now the additional checks which would carry weightage will be –

  1. How social distancing and hygiene is ensured by the on-site and back office workmen, and in office
  2. Any new feature in the product Or services which facilitates social distancing, ensures hygiene and reduces human touch points to minimum
  3. Systems deployed for continuity of business in a pandemic situation
  4. Training and skills development programmes for the service staff for providing remote services

Because of the pressure on margins and functional requirements set by their key accounts and key segments, 3PL and intralogistics solution and equipment provider companies spend most of their time in improving the processes and services but often miss on marketing these product features and services which can prove to be their USPs.

Now in the after covid-19 scenario, marketing of your services and products with all those critical improvisations in-built, its of utmost importance that you start using the most potent tool of Digital Marketing to reach the target audience and hit target sales.

3. Digital Marketing tools to make vendors highly visible

Keeping in mind the need and importance of reaching out to the target prospects by 3PL companies, intralogistics solutions and equipment provider companies, with all the differentiators in your services and products as quickly as possible  and get shortlisted as prospective vendors in the early stage itself, there are few powerful Digital marketing strategies that will be of tremendous help-

i. Branding:

Branding is creating and building image of a company and plays very critical role in the vendor shortlisting process. An Attractive and user-friendly website is often first step about creating an image on the prospective partner’s mind.

ii. Content Marketing:

Creating high quality content on your website builds credibility and engages visitors. Content marketing  has proved itself to be an incredible technique to attract visitor traffic to the site and expanding awareness about the company, its services and areas of expertise.

iii. Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

It’s all about optimizing your site such that it is more visible on search engines when customers use keywords such as 3PL logistics services, warehouse racking, material handling equipment, intralogistics consultant and so on.

iv. Social Media Marketing:

Promoting your services and equipment on social media like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook has not only the potential to find prospective customers for you it is also very effective in making new contacts, expand network, build relationships and inform customers of latest updates about your products and services on your site.

v. Email Marketing:

Creating an E-mail list based upon target and prospective segments and then sending them mails after creating a content newsletter to cater to specific needs of the customers facilitate better engagement with your brand.

vi. Social media PPC

Social PPC (Pay Per Click), a paid digital advertising on social media platforms, can be very effectively deployed to target groups of users based on various pointers like demography, interest area, or other data vital and relevant data gathered by the platform.

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