Animated Commercial Videos

What are animated commercial videos?

Animated commercials have become one of the quirkiest way through which you can grab your audience’s attention to tell your story. Entrepreneurs, start-ups, agencies and corporates; everyone is experimenting with animation to generate interest in their videos by demonstrating their value propositions creatively. Companies are using various softwares to get the best animation that creates an impact on the viewers. Today, animated commercials have given an opportunity to brands to trigger engagement in a span of few seconds. And this can be your chance to experiment with animated commercials and learn more.

Why use Animated Commercial videos?

Animation gives you the liberty to push boundaries and give a tangible form to your imagination. You can create characters that are highly engaging and cut through the clutter to make your brand seen by your target audience. Animation’s flexible nature helps you produce stories in multiple formats and on multiple platforms. It’s only a myth that animation only appeals to kids. Whereas animation has the power to transcend demographics, appeal universally and go granular to target a niche audience. It has the ability to exhibit complex ideas and make them easily understandable for the common mass. All you have to do is choose a theme & approach for the video and let the editing team do the magic.

Reasons why you should advertise with Animated Commercial videos.

A lot of people have a misconception that producing an animated commercial is expensive. However animation is one of the most cost effective way as compared to filming a real life commercial which involves multiple expenses like payments to the crew, renting equipment, set, make-up and the likes. On the other hand, animation is evergreen. The shelf life of commercials who incorporate celebrity appearances, become obsolete over a period of time; which is not the case with animated commercials. Also creating an animated video saves a lot of time in every stage of video production.