Assembly | Installation Animations

Cut down on your training time of your assembly team using our training animations developed for your products. Make do-it-yourself installation animations for your customers.

Assembly/Installation animations provide complete guidelines to the installation team and are highly useful when it comes to providing training to new joinees  or for a new product. With animations all basic steps of an assembly job can be explained in sequential order with the required explanations using texts or voiceovers and provides for a perfect ‘Do-It-Yourself’ installation guideline to your customers.

Assembly/Installation animations are useful in followings.-

  1. Explaining step by step assembly procedure to the team and to customer.
  2. It helps in creating a safe working environment
  3. It gives confidence to the potential buyers when they see the installation procedure animations/videos before the actual sale happens
  4. If the product has to be used along with other equipments, technical team and specifiers would want to see detailed installation information to decide on the suitability of the product for the conceptualized solution
  5. A well created assembly animation with artistic touch on it enhances your brand image